Do E Cigs Really Help You Quit Smoking

Does E-Cigs really help you quit smoking? This is the billions dollar question that smokers often ask. There has been some evidence to suggest that this may be the case. Although the evidence in support of this fact is not overwhelming, it is definitely worth a try if you find it too difficult to kick the habit by any other means.

E-cigs are non-addictive
E-cigs do not contain tobacco and it is tobacco that really causes the addiction. There is a small amount of nicotine in these electronic cigarettes. Nicotine is also an addictive substance. This is why there is an ongoing debate about electronic cigarettes and how they can help you kick the habit of smoking. The jury is still out and the verdict may not be clear for some time to come.

E-cigs release a vapor that is definitely not similar to cigarette smoke. The atomizer inside these electronic cigarettes, vaporize a substance called propylene glycol. This is not a carcinogenic substance. It is not addictive either. This is yet another reason why electronic cigarettes represent a better option. The atomizer also vaporizes liquid nicotine in the e-cigs. The amount of liquid nicotine in the e-cig can be controlled by a smoker.

Since these electronic cigarettes do not cause addiction, it may be a lot easier to give up real cigarettes. People who smoke real cigarettes get addicted to it due to tobacco and the nicotine in real cigarettes. These two substances act together to produce dependency. This makes it difficult for smokers to quit smoking.

The lure of E-cigs
E-cigs help in numerous other ways. The fact that smoking e-cigs is easier on your pocket is an added advantage. This alone is incentive enough to quit smoking real cigarettes. Each cartridge of e-cigs last for several uses. All you need to do is keep the battery charged. You can reuse these cigarettes and this is where you save money.

When you smoke e-cigs, there are fewer health risks. This is a great incentive to quit smoking real cigarettes. The fear of cancer is in the mind of every smoker. With e-cigs, you do not have to worry about cancer. See this short video testimonial of how a person quit smoking with the help of e cigarettes:

Secondary smoke inhalation
Smokers often worry about secondary smoke inhalation and hence cannot light up anywhere. There would be people who would raise objections. There are places where smoking is banned in public places. What does a smoker do in such a situation? Well, you can light up your e-cig and no one will object.

Since e-cigs do not produce real tobacco smoke, they are not a problem. The vapors produced by an e-cig disperse in seconds and does not linger near people all around you. You can light up anytime and just about anywhere. Most people around you will not object, as there is no problem of secondary smoke inhalation. This helps you in your efforts to quit smoking real cigarettes. However, you should carefully consider the situation before lighting up in a public place.

E-cigs do help you in kicking the habit of smoking real cigarettes. However, not all people who have switched to electronic cigarettes manage to quit smoking. Some are simply not disciplined enough to stay away from real cigarettes.

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