E Cigarette Benefits Explained

First of all, what are e-cigarettes? Well e-cigarettes is an electronic inhaler which will vaporize a liquid into a mist, thus simulating the act of smoking. These electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco or many other chemical that are found in cigarettes and hence is better for the health of the smoker. How does it benefit your health and what are the other benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes?

ecigarette1. No tars, toxins or carbon monoxide present: This is possibly the greatest advantage of electronic cigarette over conventional cigarette. But to fully comprehend this advantage, you need to know what tar and carbon monoxide does to your body. Tar simply forms a sticky mass in your air passage. The problem with this lies in the fact that there are these cleaning hairs in your respiratory passage called cilia and tar causes them to stick. Therefore the cilia is unable to clean your air passage. Mucus is released into the air passage and mucus causes germs to get caught in it. However since the cilia is not functioning properly anymore the mucus is not cleaned out of the air passage. The mucus collects and also thickens resulting in germs building up in the lungs. This can lead to diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.

Now what does carbon monoxide do to your body? To find this out we need to analyze how our body transports the much needed oxygen in our body. It does so, by using these red blood cells. These contain haemoglobin which is used to transport oxygen. What carbon monoxide does is simply bind with the haemoglobin. Hence, oxygen can no longer bind with the haemoglobin resulting in decreased capacity of your body to transport oxygen to your cells. This affects your physical health and will only get worse over time.

Not to mention the 4000 other chemical toxins present in cigarettes which are detrimental to your health. Some of these are carcinogens and leads to an increased risk of cancer which is why so many smokers die of cancer so often nowadays.

2. You save money: Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than actual cigarettes. You can save around 4USD per pack of cigarette by switching over to electronic cigarettes. Also since this is not tobacco, you can save money from your insurance. All of this can quickly save up to become a large amount and you know that plasma screen TV that you have been wanting to buy. Well now you can. Also since this is not tobacco, you can save money from your insurance.

3. There is no second hand smoke: Electronic cigarettes give off no second hand smoke. The vapor from electronic cigarettes is simply water vapor and does not harm anyone. NOw you can keep your loved ones safe from the harm of second hand smoke. This is also better for the environment and greener alternative lifestyle.

4. No bad smell of cigarettes: Since the only vapour being released is water, there is no bad smell of cigarette around you anymore. Now you can have an improved self-esteem as no one can say that you smell bad.

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