E Cigarette what is it and how it works?

Addition to smoking cigarettes is one of the most common and prevalent social issues that has affected the people today. Various products have been introduced in the market to help smokers cope with the insideecigwithdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit smoking. The e-cigarette is a popular alternative to conventional tobacco based cigarettes. These battery operated units use a water based mist which is inhalable and gives the feeling of inhaling actual smoke. The rechargeable battery used in the product provides power to an atomizer which is a heating element used to convert the liquid in the unit's cartridge into vapor with the use of low heat. Contents of the liquid include glycol, glycerin, nicotine, edible flavoring, and propylene which together comprise the smoke like mist that is produced by the e-cigarette.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?
While anything that contains nicotine cannot be deemed to be completely safe but it is significantly better in terms of safety when comparing it to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Smokeless alternatives to tobacco cigarettes such as e-cigarettes are considerably safe to use and prove to be an apt tool when dealing with withdrawal issues during quitting smoking. A popular myth that was circulated about e-cigarettes was the presence of anti-freeze. This was proved to be completely false. Diethylene glycol, usually a common component of anti-freeze was found in one of the test samples at a composition percentage of 1%. But this being a non standard component of the base liquid for the e-cigarette, the possibility of the use of anti-freeze in these products was completely ruled out.

FDA has found e-cigarettes to contain tobacco-specific nitrosamines in trace amounts which are known for causing cancer when induced in high dosages. But these components were found in extremely low quantities which were unlikely to cause cancer in the users. The nitrosamines levels in this product are similar to the FDA-approved nicotine patch and are 1300 times less than an average cigarette by Marlboro. FDA currently considers e-cigarettes as tobacco products but legislations are being undertaken to make this a therapeutic tool for quitting smoking effectively.

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