How E Cigs Work

Electronic cigarette what is it?

These are also known as e-cigarettes. They are inhalers that turn a liquid solution into mist through the process of vaporization. This liquid contains a nicotine concentrate combined with either propylene glycol, glycerin or propylene glycol 400.

In some products the nicotine concentrate can be combined with 1, two or all the rest of these other compounds. The liquid is a very important component in electronic cigarettes because it acts as a substitute for the nicotine found in a real cigarette.

The inhalation process imitates the act of smoking tobacco. This is because when a user smokes it there are white emissions of air that are exhaled from their nostrils just like smoking a real cigarette.

When breath is drawn by the user, there is a colored light at the end of the electronic cigarette that glows. They do not contain any tobacco and there is no second hand smoke or smell.

How an electronic cigarette works

It consists of a tube with openings at both ends which is known as a cartridge. It contains a light emitting diode on one end and is used as the mouth piece, battery holder and carries an atomizer cartridge that holds a liquid. It is the vessel that allows the passing of the liquid to the atomizer and vapor from the atomizer to user's mouth without any leaks to the mouth.

When the user draws in or pushes a power button, they trigger a pressure activated switch which turns on a heating element that turns the liquid into vapor. This happens at the atomizer. The vapor is then relayed to the user's mouth.

The battery which forms the largest part of an electronic cigarette provides the power for the heating element and the light emitting diode. It can be triggered by drawing in or a small power button which has to be held during use.