Reasons to choose E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes which are also known as E-Cigs constitute a novelty, since they are devices combining the most modern technology, according to the manufactures an E-Cig provides all the satisfactions associated to a traditional cigarette, however an E-Cig offers many healthy benefits like helping the smoker to leave the addiction to tobacco, providing the pleasure of smoking without having to introduce in the body more than seven thousand toxins which are part of the composition of traditional cigarette. There are many reasons why you should switch to E-Cigs; each one of them is going to be explained in detail.

1. E-Cigs do not contain carcinogens
E-Cigs do not contain tobacco or tar and it does not expose other people to noxious toxins which are expelled by traditional cigarettes. Avoid thousands of toxins associated to traditional cigarettes and therefore prevent all the lung diseases associated to smoking. Electronic cigarette is an electronic device with the aspect of a common cigarette; however it simulates the experience of traditional smoking due to a cartridge it contains inside, this cartridge includes different concentrations of nicotine; this liquid evaporates producing "fume" (vapor) for the smoker, therefore an E-Cig does not involve combustion or fire.

2. E-Cigs can help you to leave the addiction to tobacco
The liquids employed to charge E-Cigs come with different concentrations of nicotine, there are four levels of nicotine and these different concentrations of nicotine are intended to help the smoker to leave the addiction to tobacco. Once the smoker gets used to the experience of e cigarettes can reduce gradually the concentration of nicotine.

3. E-Cigs can be used everywhere
Since E-Cigs do not produce noxious fume they can be used everywhere, therefore you will not be restricted from areas where the cigarette is forbidden.

4. E-Cigs are cheaper than conventional cigarettes
A single cartridge of E-Cig is the equivalent of twenty conventional cigarettes; in addition the cartridge can be recharged. There is no need of buying matches, cigarette packs and ashtrays.

5. E-Cigs respects ecology
The E-Cig contributes to the creation of environments free from smoke, since it only releases a vapor free from all the noxious toxins found on conventional cigarettes.

6. E-Cig is not flammable
The E-Cig is a not flammable electronic device; there is no danger of fire or of burning anything. E-Cigs are safe and they contain the CE & RoHS certification. With this device the smoker does not need to have matches or lighters which can be taken by kids.

7. E-Cigs preserve the health of your mouth
You can forget about the bad breath and yellow teeth associated to conventional cigarette, in the absence of noxious substances expelled by conventional cigarettes, your teeth will preserve their healthy whitish color.

8. Keep enjoying the pleasure of smoke with technology of the highest quality
An e cigarette uses a small rechargeable cartridge which contains a small dose of nicotine. The device detects the inhalation with the help of a sensor of air flow, then an atomizer is activated by a microprocessor that injects drops of the liquid which are then vaporized to produce the "fume".

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