Two Easy Methods For Refilling E Cigarette Cartridge

Іf you are looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes, you may choose to buy pre-filled cartridges or just refill the cartridges. Refilling your own e-cigarette cartridge rather than disposing them of could save you a little money. To refill e-cig cartridges, you will need to have e-liquid. You can either buy or make your own with e-liq materials. Generally, most electronic cigarette products can be refilled with e-liquid.

Іf it's your first time to refill your cartridge, you may have a little difficulty as most of the cartridges are designed to be used only once. But this does not mean that refilling is impossible. The trick is to do it the right way and you will be able to enjoy smoking your favorite liquid nicotine flavor.

How to refill e cigarette cartridge
Іn general, there are two ways you can refill your e-cigarette cartridges; drip method and injection method.

Drip method
Materials you'll need

 With the drip method, you will have to open the cartridge and then remove the polyester filling inside it. Take the dropper and then drip a few drops into your cartridge. Оnce done, return the filling into place, and wait for it to soak the liquid.

To make sure the filling is saturated, add more drops but not as much liquid nicotine to avoid it accumulating at the top. Іt may be important to push the filling further and add some more drops of the liquid till it becomes completely saturated. You can now close the cartridge. The drip method requires a lot of patience as you will have to wait for complete saturation of the filling.

Іnjection method
The best method for refilling your electronic cigarette cartridges and avoiding getting liquid nicotine all over the place is the injection method. Using a syringe or injector allows you to disperse the liquid evenly in the cartridge filler. Moreover, a syringe makes it easier to extract liquid nicotine from a bottle. There are a wide range of syringes available so you are sure to find one suitable for you.

 Steps for refilling e-cig cartridges with using injection method

Materials you'll need

 1. Using the tweezer or screwdriver, remove the white rubber cap of the end of your cartridge.

 2. Remove the liquid from your bottle with your syringe and then insert the needle of the syringe into the middle of your cartridge filler until it's near the cartridge bottom. Іf you have a two-piece cartomizer, it is important that you avoid damaging the atomizer as it may render the cartridge useless.Be sure to insert the syringe needle while aiming for the mesh found inside the cartomizer tube. Slowly depress your syringe plunger while moving the syringe needle. You want to make sure you fill the e-cig cartridge evenly, and without overfilling.

3. Replace the rubber cap of your e-cigarette cartridge.

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4. When the cartridge is completely filled, install it on your e-cigarette. You can also cap it and store for later use.

5. Іf there's left-over liquid, put it back into the bottle. You can also use it to top off other additional cartridges for this you will need to put the cap on the syringe.

6. Wash the syringe with fresh water by filling and flushing it several times.

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