Useful tips and tricks for new e cigarette users

After ordering your e-cigarette, it will be delivered to your home accompanied by a user manual and adequate information that will guide you on how to use it from the very beginning. However, experienced e-cigarette users know various e-cigarette tips and tricks that can assist them during the smoking process. For new e-cigarette users, the following are some of useful tips and tricks of how to use it appropriately.

ecigaretteThe first and most important trick is that e-cigarettes should not be kept in exaggerate humidity or extreme temperature since extreme temperature or exaggerate humidity might destroy the electronic part of the cigarette. It is a perfectly designed mechanism and that is why you do not have to compel any component, since everything will move to its place with smooth motion without forcing any contact. The best option to for saving money is to purchase a full tank of your best flavor and fill the cartridges on your own. The process of filling the cartridges is very simple however what you will have to be aware of is that any recipient that is filled to the brim will not generate more vapors and cannot last for a long duration due to the restricted airflow.

If you have gone through articles about e-cigarettes, you probably may be aware that the e-liquid is based on the propylene glycerin or glycol; however the main fact that you have to know is that even though propylene glycerin or glycol substances appear approximately similar, there is a great distinction between them. Every person knows that the flavor when using a propylene glycol liquid is much better or using vegetable glycerin is much interesting owing to the fact that their vapors are very thicker. That is the reason as to why you should try using both substances to establish which one is much better for you.

In addition, if your e-cigarette does not generate the same quantity of vapors it used to produce before, then this is probably the best time for you to clean it. The perfect way of cleaning the electronic cigarette is by using a pure alcohol and paper tissue. In doing so, you will witness an incredible result. Or else, if this technique did not work for you perfectly, it could be the best moment to change your e-cig battery. Ensure that you often employ the usage of quality batteries in your electronic cigarette as your own personal user experience might be changed by wrong choice of the battery. Even though this is not part of e-cigarette tricks, many individuals who use e-cigarettes for the first might think that there could be something wrong with their e-cigs when the atomizer becomes warm. The truth of the matter is that the atomizer should get warm since in order to change flavored liquid into vapors, the cartridge must be heated by the atomizer hence this should not be a great worry to you. For more info about e cigarette and how it works, read our articles.

Finally, if you purchase a new e-cigarette, there will be no vapor which will be generated in the initial one hour of use. You should not be worried about this as you will only need to prime it for the first few moments of use. That is, try and draw some air into your mouth for some few minutes and vapor will be produced.

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